IT Support Services - Nelson / Tasman » On-site Computer Repair

We offer an on-site repair service that can assist you with all your IT issues.

No callout fee to Nelson, Stoke or Richmond.

  • Internet, networking and wireless setup / troubleshooting
  • Computer upgrades and repairs
  • Software installation, updates and maintenance
  • Virus / Malware removal & prevention 

Computer won't start / boot?

There are a number of reason why a computer won't start. These can include a failed Windows updates, hardware issues, viruses etc.

Computer running slow?

It’s a common scenario: your computer begins to slow down and becomes unresponsive with long load times, making the simplest tasks frustrating. An unresponsive or sluggish PC can be easily improved through servicing or cost effective upgrades. Upgrades like more memory or an SSD can greating impove things. Sometimes it may just need a clean up, few tweaks and to remove old applications and services.

Having trouble with your Internet Connection or WiFi?

No Internet connection? First thing to try is to restart your router. Unplug it and leave it off for a few soconds. Then plug the router back in again. The lights should start blinking. After a few minutes try your Internet connectiong again.

Poor wirless signal streath and be fixed by getting the right devices and putting them in the correct location. More than one device is often needed to cover a large area. Some access points can use a wireless bridged together if there isn't a cable connection.

Think have a virus or keep getting annoying pop-ups?

Is your computer not starting correctly or does it keep displaying unwanted popups? It may be infected with a virus, malware or spyware. We offer an economical virus removal service and a complete range of software to stop them coming back.

We recommend using a good quality antivirus product such as ESET to help clean up your computer and protect it.

Follow this security advice to help keep your computer safe.

Having trouble getting your email working?

There are a number of differant email programs. Some of the most popular ones are Outlook, Gmail, Mac Mail and Thunderbird. It depends on your needs as to which one is right for you as thay all have there advantages.