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Do you have a data recovery plan?

Think about everything that’s stored on your computer - email, documents, photos etc. Now imagine that data vanishes without a trace. This can easily happen in the event of hardware failure, malware attacks or theft. That's why is so important to keep an off-site copy of all your data. We can advise you on a complete range of requirements that are quick and easy to ensure that they are done regularly.

There is no single backup solution that is right for everyone and we can help you with one that best suits your needs. 

Local Backup


  • Large capacity drives that can store 1TB or more are cheap.
  • Your data is portable and can quickly be restored onto another computer.
  • External hard drives are very easy to use and automatically detected when plugged in.


  • Requires you to remeber to connect the backup device or change the drive.
  • Any drive can fail and you should have more than one of them.
  • The data can be lost if the drive is damaged, stolen, lost or destroyed by a fire.
  • You're rensponsible for the backup and ensuring that it happens reguarly.

Cloud Backup


  • It's usually automatic and you don't have to do anything once it's set up correclty.
  • Storing your files online means that they can easily be shared with other people.
  • Your data is safe in the event of hardware failure, fire or theft of your computer.


  • A fast Internet connection is required or else it can take a very long time to transfer your data.
  • You have to pay a monthly subscription fee to the cloud provider.
  • You are putting total trust in the cloud provider and that they won't lose your files and will keep them secure.