Linux & Open Source

GNU/Linux is a free operating system that has been released under the GPL (General Public Licence). It's used on a large number of computers including hand held devices, IoT, desktops and most servers. Try Linux for yourself by downloading the Live boot CD from here. It will give you a taste of linux without having to install anything on your computer

We provide expertise with most popular versions of Linux.

  • Command line & Bash Scripting
  • HTTP, HTTPS & Apahe Webserver
  • SQL, Databases & MySQL
  • Samba and Windows Intergration
  • Remote Access, SSH & VPN Tunnels
  • Docker Containers
  • Qemu/KVM, VirtualBox & Hypervisors
  • RAID, LVM & Data Storage
  • Cloud Hosted Infrastructure
  • Gnome & KDE Desktop Enviroments