IT Support Services - Nelson / Tasman

On-site Computer Repair

On-site repair service can assist you with all your IT issues and is available with no callout fee to Nelson, Stoke or Richmond.

Remote Support

We offer a remote IT support service, where we can access your computer from our office, no matter where you are in the world. We’ll connect to you online via the internet and fix many types of problems you may encounter. 

Virus Removal and Prevention

Is your computer not starting or does it keep displaying unwanted popups? It maybe infected with a virus or spyware. We offer an economical virus removal service and a complete range of software to stop them coming back.

Internet, email & Network Solutions

Having trouble setting up your Internet connection or getting your email to work correctly? We offer a no fuss solutions that can save you the frustration of not being able to get connected. We can help you diagnose faults on your network, improve the performance or improve it's capabilities.

Wireless Networking

We can provide a range of difference wireless options to suite your needs. Having multiple access points can allow you to cover a large area or a wireless bridge can be set to connect multiple locations that can be many kilometres apart. This can be used to share network resources or a Internet connection between sites or buildings.

Automated Backup

Think about everything that’s stored on your computer - email, documents, photos etc. Now imagine that data vanishes without a trace. This can easily happen in the event of hardware failure, malware attacks or theft. That's why is so important to keep an off-site copy of all your data. We can advise you on a complete range of requirements that are quick and easy to insure that they are done regularly.

Data Recovery

If you suspect you have lost data it's very important that you turn your Computer off immediately and contact us for further advice.

IP / Network Cameras, NVR, DVR, CCTV & Surveillance

We offer full range of IP cameras to record what's happening and it also allows you to keep and eye on things remotely using your computer or phone.